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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cost of Financial Exploitation Study and Infographic Released for Utah Victims

From the National Institute of Health List Serve:  

Utah is pleased to release the new Cost of Financial Exploitation Study on Utah Elders.  This new study calculates the cost of exploitation to seniors, the State, and financial institutions in 2010.  The study finds a 50% increase in the cost of financial exploitation from 2008.  The average victim in Utah is exploited out of $85,253.  If the victim has dementia/organic brain disorder that average loss increases to $128,288.
To read the full report and accompanying infographic 'stealing from grandma' please go to
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Friday, August 31, 2012

New England Journal of Medicine Article Misleading

Dear Editor:

I am a lawyer in Washington State, one of two states where assisted-suicide is legal.  The other state is Oregon, which has a similar law.  Lisa Lehmann's article, "Redefining Physicians' Role in Assisted Dying," is misleading regarding how these laws work.

First, the Oregon and Washington laws are not limited to people in their "final months" of life.[1,2]  Consider for example, Jeanette Hall, who in 2000 was persuaded by her doctor to be treated rather than use Oregon's law.  She is alive today, twelve years later.[3]

Second, these laws are not "safe" for patients.[4][5]  For example, neither law requires a witness at the death.  Without disinterested witnesses, the opportunity is created for the patient's heir, or someone else who will benefit from the patient's death, to administer the lethal dose to the patient without his consent.  Even if he struggled, who would know?  

Third, the fact that persons using Oregon's law are "more financially secure" than the general population is consistent with elder financial abuse, not patient safety.  Do not be deceived. 

* * *

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